Complete Insurance Services, Inc

Complete Insurance Services, Inc. specializes in providing personalized insurance coverage that meets the needs of families and business.

Whether you need homeowners insurance, auto insurance, life insurance, medical insurance, or business insurance coverage, Complete Insurance Services has a plan for everyone. Retirement, Bonds, Special Events, and General liability insurance plans are also available.

We offer a wide variety of insurance including Motorcycle, Watercraft, and RV coverage to help our Michigan insurance clients recover from unexpected events. We provide all the protection you need in one place with the “Complete Package”.

Customized to fit your personal needs this package will eliminate any Overlaps in coverage. You will find a significant savings in time, effort, and money when you get complete protection all in one “Complete Package”. Learn More.

Enjoy our personalized customer service and free no-obligation quotes for all your insurance needs including Auto, Homeowners, Business, Medical & Life Insurance in Michigan. Please contact us today.

Our Insurance Companies

Our Insurance Companies